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Designing an Embroidered Patch is very easy.  Once you know what you would like your design to be, you have just a few options to finish up the design process.

Determine Size

The size of a patch is determined very differently then you may expect.  There is actually a formula. The formula to determine the embroidered patch size is Length + Width divided by 2.

For example:

Length of patch: 2″
Width of patch: 3″
2+3 = 5″ Divided by 2 = 2.5″
2.5″ is the size of your patch!

If you are unsure, that is perfectly fine.  Our Patch Design team is ready to assist you in determining all aspects of your patch in order to be sure that it is perfect!

Determine Embroidery Percentage

Once you know the size, you have to decide how much embroidery you would like on your patch. Below you will see your options.  If you opt to have your patch Up to 75% embroidered you will be able to pick your mesh or twill color (background color) which in the example is white.


You will notice that the 50% percent embroidered patch, that it is only either one image or just text, with twill that covers the background.

The 75% percent embroidered patch covers much more area on the patch with embroidery, however there is still twill in the background.

The 100% percent embroidered patch cover the entire patch.  There is no twill showing at all and the entire patch is stitched.


Determine Color Options

You can pick your thread colors, or our designers can assist you with the color picking process.

Click On Image To Enlarge
Click On Image To Enlarge
If your design is less than 100% embroidery than you will need to pick a twill color or background color.  These colors can been seen below.
Click On Image To Enlarge
Click On Image To Enlarge

Determine Border Option

Next decision is the type of border that you are looking to surround your embroidered custom patch.  You will notice the Merrow Border, which is more of an embroidered type border verse a Hot-Cut Border which is a sharper cut border.  The type of border is personal preference and either option is available.


Determine Backing Type

Finally, you have to choose the backings.  You have several options such as standard plastic back, iron-on backing, soft fleece, Velcro or sticker backing.

Still Not Sure? Let Us Help You!

If at anytime you are not sure about the options described above, that is fine.  We have many client that are not sure.  Our team is here to help you and give you the best recommendations and will walk you painlessly through the short process in order to get your order ready for you.  You can either submit a quote, email us at: info@thepatchpeople.com or you can call us at anytime at 888-309-7467.

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The Patch People produce the best quality embroidered patches in the industry. Simply contact our staff if you need any assistance.

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